At the Center for Counseling and Rational Solutions (CRS) we provide families with the guidance, support and skills necessary to harmoniously navigate through changing family dynamics in a Calm, Confidential and Cost effective manner.



CRS is one of the few multidisciplinary centers of its kind as we have a network of collaborative attorneys, mediators, life transition coaches, therapists, mental health facilitators, alternative practitioners, financial professionals and more, all working in collaboration to provide clarity, education and support. We believe whether it be collaborative, mediation, divorce without an attorney, parent coordination, or any family issue, the worst plan you make for your situation is always better than the best plan that would otherwise be created by a judge who does not know you.

CRS understands that living with pain, whether it be physical or emotional, takes support, planning and resolve. We help clients create an action plan to improve the quality of their lives and control the pain so it does not control you. Karen’s Tools for Life combines techniques including cognitive therapy, biofeedback, humor, relaxation and visualization to effectively manage life’s challenges and transitions.

Regardless of whether you’re age 5 or 105, Center for Counseling and Rational Solutions can help you with any of life’s challenges and transitions in the most calm, confidential and cost effective way.


You wouldn’t use a spatula to change a tire or use a wrench to flip a pancake. That’s because maximum results depend on using the right tools. Our dedicated team of Counselors, Certified Family Mediators and Parenting Coordinators are here to help you through life’s transitory stages. At CRS we advocate the use of a comprehensive set of “Tools for Life” utilizing an eclectic approach that combines sensitivity, humor and proven mediation and parenting techniques.