ABC’s of Back to School!

It is Back to School Time again!! Is everyone ready? The CRS Team put together an ABC list of things to keep in mind during this transition into a new school year.

  • ASK what the concerns of your children are and realize that the concerns you have as parents are not always the same as those of your children. LISTEN and see what THEY are worried about; sharing your concerns may only increase their apprehension about the new year.
  • BE PREPARED-having a plan reduces anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed! Encourage your children to think ahead but at the same time remain patient and realize that this is a skill that is learned and perfected over time. A simple way to start is making sure everything is packed for school the night before and clothes are picked out and ready to go!
  • CARE-Going back to school can be really stressful for your children. Show them you care and are CONFIDENT in their success; if you act strong, they will sense it and feel stronger and more confident themselves!
  • DON’T DISMISS your children. We know fall is a stressful time for parents as well! But don’t let your stress effect your parenting. As adults we have to set a good example with how to handle our stress, at least in front of the kids! Make sure they feel important.
  • EDUCATE yourself on any changes in the lives of your children. New friends they have made, new school expectations or rules they must follow, materials they need for the new semester, etc.
  • FORMS-There are always so many forms that come with the start of a new semester. Book and material lists, doctors’ forms that must be completed, release forms, emergency forms, and so many more. Set up a system to get organized so nothing gets lost!
  • GET EXCITED! The fear of the unknown can be daunting at times, but change can also be exciting! Pump up your kids because if they are enthusiastic they are more likely to have jitters of excitement than of apprehension.
  • HAVE some HUMOR! Humor helps everyone get into a stress free and happy mindset! Just make sure the humor is good-natured.

We love feedback!!! Was this helpful to you? Do you have tips for other families? Call CRS today!