What Are Your Choices?

No two people or situations are the same. Having choices is empowering. At The Center for Counseling and Rational Solutions we can offer options in therapy and support to meet your needs. We will then help you navigate the challenges you face alone, in your relationships, or with major life changes.

Couples and Individual Therapy

If you and/or your partner are dealing with issues and challenges you may not be equipped to handle, therapy may be the right first step for you. CRS is available to help clients handle a multitude of life stressors.

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At the Center, our Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediators are expert dispute resolution specialists that are well equipped to tackle the family problems stemming from your divorce or separation.

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Collaborative Process

If you and your partner want to handle your differences in a fully out-of-court process that puts the decision making power in your hands, the Collaborative Process may be right for you. The Collaborative Process is a cost-efficient and problem solving alternative to long costly litigation using a Collaborative Team that will work to help you resolve your problems in a peaceful manner.

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