Chronic Pain

“Pain is a vicious cycle that causes a myriad of emotions: loss, fear, change and so many more. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. CRS can help”.

CRS’s director Karen D. Sacks M.S., L.C.P.C., L.M.H.C., is one of the leading chronic pain specialists in the area. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1989 and living with chronic migraines, Karen intimately understands how to address specific challenges that come with living your life with a chronic pain condition. She understands firsthand that living with pain takes support, planning and resolve. Karen believes you can control the pain and not let it control you! That is why she created Tools for Life.

Karen’s Tools for Life help clients create an action plan to take back control and improve the quality of their lives. These tools help navigate challenging situations including:

  • Relationship or intimacy issues
  • Preventing stress and emotions from making it worse
  • Giving yourself permission to have down time, or a good day
  • Dealing with critics and naysayers
  • Feeling legitimate in a world with a lack of knowledge about your condition
  • Guilt and frustration around physical and cognitive abilities
  • Communication and building awareness with friends, children, spouses, family, and employers
  • Adapting healthy self talk

Are you the spouse or partner of a person living with chronic pain?
CRS is here to help. When one person lives with chronic pain it affects their entire family. At CRS we understand that caregivers need support too. We can teach you to understand the needs of your loved one who is living with chronic pain, while still caring for your own needs and the needs of your family. A happy, productive family life is possible, even in the midst of chronic pain.

Multidisciplinary Pain Counseling & Treatment

CRS has assembled a highly specialized network of professionals and other resources that allow CRS to provide more comprehensive and effective care for both the mind and body. Our network of specialists includes certified mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians and acupuncturists. We also hold close working relationships with a range of mental health and wellness specialists in the area, making it possible for us to easily accommodate all of your individual needs.