Divorce Facilitator

Legal Documents Don’t Tell the Whole Story…

A divorce is the closing of a chapter before another begins. Regardless of whether your divorce is caustic or cordial, there is always a great deal of transition to sift through. Divorce impacts every area of your life, no matter what duration you were together. Many things were shared: finances, friends/social circles, properties, children, activities, memories and more. Even after the logistics of the split are decided upon, the legal documents do not tell the whole story of what you are going through, nor how to proceed forward with your life.

For those who were married for many years, there are often many things you relied on your spouse to take care of, whether it be managing the home, paying bills, investing in a financial future, maintaining cars and electronics or anything else you previously were never responsible for. The CRS team understands how overwhelming the transition to managing your life independently can be following a divorce. The legal process of divorce does not address the emotional, practical and social transitions necessary to move forward, but at CRS we provide divorce facilitation to assist you in finding clarity for this new chapter of your life.