What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting Coordination
Putting kids first

Unfortunately, there’s no doubt about it: children suffer during parental conflicts. It’s a reality but one which we do have the tools to mitigate. Parenting Coordination seeks to do just that. The process teaches parents how to protect their children from the damaging aspects of repeated exposure to adult disputes.

Managing ongoing issues in child custody and visitation cases

A Parenting Coordinator is an impartial party, usually designated by a court appointment or attorney stipulation. Your Parenting Coordinator understands the developmental needs of your children and can help you create a Parenting Plan that is best for them. And if you already have a Parenting Plan, then our Coordinators are skilled in helping you implement and manage it. The benefits of their insight can be immense. Our expert Parenting Coordinators reinforce the tools families need to survive conflicts with enhanced awareness. The “Tools for Life” encourage parent communication and expression, using humor and patience to establish trust over time.

Some of the issues that parents have the most trouble resolving are those dealing with the interests of their children. With a Parent Coordinator, parents are encouraged to agree on terms that allow each of them to responsibly and appropriately support and raise their children. Concerns about childcare, decision making, religious involvement, and extra-curricular activities can all be ironed out with the help of a Parent Coordinator.