What is Family & Elders Mediation?

The power lies with you

Let’s face it: life is hard. Hard enough without divorcing your spouse, challenging enough without the balancing act of raising children and having careers. But when there is conflict within the family and it continues without resolution, life can become downright unmanageable. But the good news is you do have the power to do something about it and family mediation is often a wise option.

Not all mediation is the same

Family mediation can occur in many different scenarios and include mediators from many different backgrounds, some are legal-oriented and some are therapy-oriented. At the Center, our Family Mediators are expert dispute resolution specialists that are well equipped to tackle the family problems stemming from your divorce or separation. Most importantly, they all come from mental health backgrounds. This is a crucial difference for navigating sensitive family topics and emotions and helping family with bitterness or resentment often present in family conflict.

Begin the change you want to see

If you are involved in a dispute with a family member but are voluntarily committed to a resolution, then family mediation is a positive step towards realizing your goal. Even if an attorney represents you, you are still obligated by the court to participate in mediation. A Family Mediator with a mental heath and family counseling background is best suited for these kinds of issues. We’ll get you and your conflict out of the tangles of past digressions and into the clarity of a peaceable future.