Parenting Education

The Power of Observation

From the time a child is born, their strongest learning tool is observation. Children are very in tune with what is going on around them, often seeing and hearing things that they shouldn’t. During parental disputes, it is important to protect children from things that can be harmful to their developmental progress and emotional welfare. Preventing children from witnessing adult conflict is the best way to keep their lives as normal as possible, even with all the changes in their environment.

Misplaced Frustration

While managing the stress of a divorce, it is easy to misplace your frustrations and take them out on your children. As the adult in the situation, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child maintains their role and not become your confidant. Expressing ill will or animosity toward your spouse or previous partner in the presence of your child can be detrimental to the adjustments your child is trying to make.

How to Parent During and After a Divorce

Like you, children go through changes during the divorce process, sometimes causing them to behave differently. This difficult situation can also cause parents to behave unusually. It can be tempting to use your child as a pawn in a marital dispute and even easier to allow them to manipulate you. Giving gifts out of guilt and waging a competition with your ex has no business in parenting. With our Parenting Education services we share the tools for better communication with parents, helping you understand how to nurture your child during these strenuous times.