What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Practice, also referred to as Collaborative Law or Collaborative Divorce, is a cost-efficient and problem solving alternative to long costly litigation using a Collaborative Team with access to a wide network of experts. This team works together to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties and the children during the process of divorce.

Who makes up the Collaborative Team:

The Collaborative Team consists of a Financial Neutral and a Mental Health Neutral who work mutually with both spouses and their respective attorneys. With Collaborative Practice, this team also has access to a network of every kind of expert necessary to provide assistance and education in any field needed throughout the process.

Key aspects of Collaborative Practice:
  • Transparency; when there is consent to full disclosure from both sides, it minimizes the combative aspect of the process. There are no secrets meaning there is no need for subpoenas.
  • All necessary information is disclosed to the unbiased neutral parties who use that information in the best interest of both spouses to move the process forward as quickly as possible.
  • The Financial Neutral assists in equitable distribution.
  • The Mental Health Neutral facilitates a calm environment to ensure a cordial process.
  • Focus is on problem-solving and finding respectful and mutually beneficial resolution.
  • The Collaborative Team helps both sides remember they are on the same side working towards the same goal-the goal to find resolution and maintain the best environment for the children.
  • Preserve your dignity and privacy; all information is kept confidential as there is no court involvement.
  • Spouses maintain maximum control over the decision-making to create personal, cost-effect solutions that are right for their family.
  • Network of professionals is available to assist in any way necessary.
  • Collaborative Team creates a Parenting Plan so the children are always made a priority.
  • With everyone working collaboratively, the process moves much more smoothly meaning situations are resolved quickly and without extra expenses of litigation.
Why Collaborative Practice is financially the best dispute resolution option:

Collaborative Practice provides maximum efficiency of services for minimum cost. The Collaborative Team allows both spouses to work together through this process remaining focused on the mutual goal of reaching a jointly beneficial agreement. With the Collaborative Team working together, the process moves more smoothly allowing the best arrangement for both parties to be decided upon much quicker than other methods of dispute resolution. Money is saved with this expedited process as well as with the reduction of costly motion filings as there is no need for court involvement. If both spouses desire to come to an agreement as quickly and cordially as possible, Choose Collaborative.