What is Pro Se Divorce?

Breaking up is hard to do.

No one ever plans on it. It’s no surprise that when divorce does happen, major life decisions are made emotionally, usually leading to unwise choices regarding children and finance. Just when you need less conflict, our legal system by design pits mother against father, husband against wife and the common result is further damaged relationships. Not the best solution to crisis.

Divorce warfare is very expensive

Attorney fees vary but may often exceed $350-$500 per hour. Add the out of pocket costs, filing fees, witness subpoenas, court reporter and transcript fees and then multiply that figure by two. Isn’t that money better spent on your children? After all, those are your financial assets and should be reserved for just about anything else in your life.

Pro Se divorce costs less than retaining one attorney

At the Center for Rational Solutions (CRS), our handling of divorce is a total package. We help you and your children’s emotional needs, guide you through the stressful decisions and of course, file the legal documentation. The entire solution costs less than retaining just one divorce attorney. You and your children deserve the alternative.

Now you can get a divorce without a lawyer

In Florida, couples can obtain a divorce without retaining attorneys. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to minimize your losses both financially and emotionally then Pro Se Divorce Mediation is a far more amicable and less costly method of obtaining a divorce. Pro Se Divorce Mediators know creative problem-solving techniques and can offer couples educational resources to facilitate a complete uncontested divorce. The mediator can then prepare and file all the documents with the court.

What does it cost?

The cost for Pro Se Divorce Services is $2,900 plus Florida Filing Fees.