Being an Adult is Not Easy!

Are you single? Recently divorced? Widowed? Young adult getting on your feet? There are so many responsibilities we are supposed to know how to handle as adults. If you have always relied on someone else for all or some of the logistics of life until now, transitioning into taking care of everything yourself can be very overwhelming!

Do you know how to pay your bills and balance a checkbook? Do you know your insurance policy for your car, health and home? Do you know what questions to ask when purchasing or renting a new car or home? Do you know and understand your credit score? Do you know how be smart with a credit card?

Life doesn’t have to be so hard. At CRS we are passionate about helping people get on their feet. We understand that if you have had someone else helping with some or all aspects of living, the unknown of how to handle everything yourself can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Take a deep breathe and realize that just because you have never done something in the past, does not mean you are incapable of doing it in the future!

We work with you to put together a plan to give you control to minimize those overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. You got this!