Holiday Life Balancing TIPS

Holiday Life Balancing TIPS
We Teach Others How to Treat Us. Be Accountable.

Unconditional love does not mean unconditional favors and an endless helping hand. Respect your personal time and limit your commitments, unconditional love does not mean that you have to be everything to everyone all of the time.

Your family, friends, and co-workers will respect your boundaries and they will learn to appreciate the gift of you. Be present in your holidays, not just the one who makes it all come together.

Karen D. Sacks – Holiday Life Balancing TIPS:
  • Tell yourself “I am a person too.” Take time to be thankful and enjoy with your family and friends.
  • Don’t always say yes and then harbor it with resentment.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you don’t have to do it all yourself, even superheroes join forces on occasion.
  • People are not mind-readers, use your words, when you hold it in it shows your body language speaks louder.