Love Knows No Labels

Love has no labels. Love knows no race, age, religion, gender or disability. We all come into this world the same way and appear identical when viewed through an X-ray. We are all unique in our DNA, perspectives and beliefs; it is our diversity which makes us special, and exposure to and compassion for the differences of others which make us well-rounded individuals. Here at the Center for Counseling and Rational Solutions we are committed to supporting a community which brings everyone together, despite differences of any kind. There is a lot of ugliness in our world today; we wish to do our share of countering that ugliness with love, acceptance and understanding of all of those around us. Maya Angelou said, “Hate; it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”

An important step towards equality was made last week when it was passed into national law that marriage between two individuals is valid, regardless of gender. Here at CRS we witnessed our nation echoing what we have known for years. Couples and families come in all forms, but all are just as likely to experience the same dynamics, challenges and issues. Here at CRS we see many disputes and family issues but our goal is to promote ways teach tools which enable people to come together on issues.

We support Ad Council’s campaign of Love Has No Labels and the LGBT community as a whole.