One Red Nose Goes a Long Way

Karen D. Sacks, MS NCC LCPC LMHC
Founder and Director – Center for Counseling & Rational Solutions Advocating Red Nose Day and sharing silly smiles with kids in Boca Raton.

We are silly with excitement to advocate Red Nose Day here at the Center for Counseling and Rational Solutions.

It is important to know that Red Nose Day is a worldwide initiative to help lift children out of poverty. Poverty can happen to any family, in any area, leaving children helpless. These silly red noses raise money to help those who suffer and through the playful giggles, smiles and photos we raise awareness in our communities, neighborhoods and schools to be mindful of others and that we can help out. These kids are proud to know that they are helping other kids, maybe even their own neighbor through their support and silly noses. Kindness is always appreciated and smiles and laughter are contagious, have a great Red Nose Day!! Please share your photos with us on our Facebook page,