Pro Se Divorce Mediation

Divorce is not something that anyone plans on experiencing.  All too often when people find themselves in a divorce, their emotions begin dictate their decisions and they begin to make unwise choices about their financial future and the future of their children.

In Florida, couples can obtain a divorce without retaining attorneys.  Divorce Mediation is the best alternative if you and your spouse are willing to work together to minimize your losses both financially and emotionally.  We refer to this type of alternative dispute resolution as “Pro Se” Divorce Mediation.

Litigation typically creates oppositions of husband against wife, mother against father, resulting in severely damaged relationships.  By design, the legal system pits one party against the other.  Though this may be an effective way to make decisions in civil or criminal cases, we believe it certainly is not an appropriate resolution for a family in crisis.  All of that warfare is expensive.  Attorney fees vary and may often exceed $350-$500 per hour.  These fees and costs are for each spouse.  When you add the out of pocket costs, filing fees, witness subpoenas, court reporter fees and transcripts fees the costs waste hard earned marital assets that can better be used for you and your children.

Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which you and your spouse, with the assistance of an impartial mediator, make decisions that affect you and your children’s lives.  The agreement you arrive at must be acceptable to both parties and the agreement then forms the basis for an uncontested divorce.  Couples facing divorce are urged to consider getting the assistance of a family mediator before retaining opposing divorce attorneys.

Document and Form Preparation

We will prepare your Marital Settlement Agreement, which describes how you will handle your money, and your Parenting Plan, which describes how you will co-parent your children.  Additionally, we will fill out the other necessary forms you will need to obtain an uncontested divorce.  We are not attorneys therefore we strongly encourage an attorney review (this should only be approximately one hour of an attorneys time) prior to signing.  If needed, attorney referrals are available.  After your documents are signed, we will file them with the court.

Our Process

Depending on the issues and the personalities involved, our process typically involves two or three meetings.  Each meeting runs from one to three hours.  The length of time between meetings varies and is determined by your schedules and preferred pace.  For your convenience weekend and evening hours can be arranged.  Often, the process will be combined with some individual telephone or email consultation.  Instead of airing personal and often painful subjects in a public arena (the courtroom), we deal with them in the ease of a private and confidential setting of the mediator’s office.

Our Pricing

Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce Pro Se/Pre Suit mediation can lead to a complete uncontested divorce.  Complete uncontested divorce – $2,900.  This fee includes preparation of your Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (if you have minor children) and  the standard paperwork/forms needed to file for an uncontested dissolution of marriage/divorce, courier service for filing your paperwork, State of Florida filing fee and reasonable telephone and/or email communication.