Transitioning Into Adulthood

Did you know CRS helps with all of life’s challenges and transitions? The CRS team is known for counseling couples and children, but one demographic who does not get much attention is that of those transitioning into complete independent and interdependent adulthood. High school prepares you for college which in turn prepares you for a career in a designated field, but what about if college is not for you, or you receive a degree and realize you do not actually see a future or yourself in that field? What about all the other aspects of life, daily living and preparing for a future besides a job?

There are so many questions that need to be answered during the transition into independent adulthood that are often not taught and can be challenging for someone in this phase to have to address alone. Things are no longer straightforward in terms of how to succeed in life; you can no longer work for a single company for 30 years with a guarantee of comfortable retirement.

There are many young adults who have never paid bills, are unskilled in setting a budget, don’t know how to file for insurance, and more. When searching for a place to live, many young adults do not realize they have the option to hire a realtor at no cost to them. During this transition it can be overwhelming to know who to turn to for advice. The CRS team helps people to understand the importance of setting a budget, how to be self-sufficient, how to welcome and work through life’s challenges and transitions efficiently, how to plan for a future and more. CRS provides guidance to assist with all of life’s challenges and transitions, no matter what stage in life you are in or what goals you wish to pursue. See how CRS can help you or those you know today!